Backyard snow fun

We finally got our dump of snow a few weeks ago, Sean took the boys out to the backyard to play.  Owen and Brandon loved it, Kosmo loved it, Sean took the pictures and I watched from the kitchen window — making lunch of course! It was the best kind of snow, sticky enough to […]


Our pup doesn’t get a much blog time as he really should.  So he’s got a little more energy than most and so he sheds like crazy but he is wonderfully loyal and wonderfully cuddly. Kosmo with his new Christmas toys – a stuffed penguin that has lasted longer than expected and his FOREVER favorite his […]

Walks with Kosmo

Our pup Kosmo is most patient with us when it comes to his walks.  He knows the routine that has to happen, before he gets his daily walk — Owen and Brandon have dinner, play some, have their baths and then story-time in Mommy and Daddy’s bed (with Kosmo at the foot of the bed […]