Walks with Kosmo

Our pup Kosmo is most patient with us when it comes to his walks.  He knows the routine that has to happen, before he gets his daily walk — Owen and Brandon have dinner, play some, have their baths and then story-time in Mommy and Daddy’s bed (with Kosmo at the foot of the bed […]

Prairie Gardens

Another cool spot I discovered through my wonderful Alberta magazine was Prairie Gardens. It is this wonderful farm with u-pick gardens, a row of haunted houses, pirate’s digging for treasures, play areas and fire pits. I am not much of the camping sort, so Aunty Claudette and I thought that roasting hot dogs and marshmallows […]

Sidewalk chalk

The sun is out, the weather is hot and the driveway in the evenings is in the shade, how else to pass the time but let your imagination go wild with sidewalk chalk.  It’s so messy but so much fun and lasts until the next rain. Owen and Brandon love to fill the driveway with […]


Okay so two boys, 16 months apart, is a handful but a handful of fun (most of the time).  I am not that familiar with boy play, with shooting guns and wrestling and dragons and ninja’s, but I am working on it and getting better (at least I think I am).  Some days I wonder what it would be like […]


It was another warm day with energy to burn.  I was hoping to get some of my flowers watered, pick some weeds – you know the fun stuff.  Owen and Brandon were all too excited to get outside and play.  I pulled out the bucket of outdoor toys and away we went! The bubble machine […]