Ice Cream!

It’s summer and with summer comes ice cream and even better than just ice cream, is ice cream in a cone. One particularly hot July evening, Owen and Brandon had ice cream in a cone for dessert. Of course the ice cream choice is chocolate, as it is not only the tastiest but also makes the […]

More Play Time

More play time at the Korsan home. As I have mentioned before, Owen and Brandon have such imaginations (as all little boys and girls do) and one such evening they chose to play Superhero’s.  Owen donning his cape and construction worker outfit and Brandon donning the cape, mask and a few other accessories, they searched high and […]

Mom and Dad Time

We have a number of people who are so good to us, who give us opportunities to get out on our own without the kids tagging along. Those breaks are especially appreciated by Sean and I. In June we had one such evening and as it was such a wonderful sunny evening, we took the […]