Spartan Race Montana 2014

We finally had our first Spartan race of the 2014 season! This is Kris, Kyley and I before the race.
May 10 2014 5D 013

Here is a post race photo.
May 10 2014 5D 014

Not that muddy I know but this is clearly where the distinction between a “mud run” and an obstacle course race starts to show. The main focus for both is of course fun. A mud run is all about getting as muddy as possible so almost everything you go through has mud in it. For me an Obstacle Course race is more about running and challenging obstacles. There was plenty of both on this course. 18 obstalces, 7.4km of running and 4,000 feet of elevation gain on the course! Let me say that part again, 4,000 feet of elevation gain!

This years Montana Sprint was a Founder’s Race and Joe Desena put his special touch on the layout and design of the race. It was a very awesome course featuring lots of hills, some technical sections and lots of new (for me at least) obstacles.

The “shower” after was a first for me too. I have never been sprayed off with a pressure washer before never mind 3 at once when it is only 8 degrees out!
May 10 2014 5D 018

Here is the footage from the Go Pro. Sadly I expected to complete this “Sprint” in around 50 minutes but this Founders Race kicked it up a notch and took 1 hour 33 minutes for our team. I did not pack extra batteries for the Go Pro and so am missing part of the run and a lot of the obstacles (last 1/2 hour). It was an amazing course though so enjoy part of the course…