Crafts are always fun and I am so happy that Owen and Brandon have started to show more interest.  Owen found the painting supplies and wanted to paint, so we got the kitchen table all ready and let Owen and Brandon go to town. And I swear it is Brandon’s mission to get as much […]


Our pup doesn’t get a much blog time as he really should.  So he’s got a little more energy than most and so he sheds like crazy but he is wonderfully loyal and wonderfully cuddly. Kosmo with his new Christmas toys – a stuffed penguin that has lasted longer than expected and his FOREVER favorite his […]

Family, Turkey, Superhero’s, Birthday cake and more…

Life got a little crazy, again, and now that things have calmed down a bit and I’ve had time to survey things around me, I realize my poor wonderful blog has been sitting by the way side for much too long. Sorry guys! The month of October was filled with fun holidays, birthday’s and some […]

Up up and away…

Way back in September….yeah way back….there was a sunny windy day, we were at home looking out the window and realized this was the perfect day to test out Brandon’s new kite.  The boys and I were filled with amazement at how Brandon’s batman kite would catch the wind and fly around above our heads…amazing.  […]