Just like Daddy…

Daddy spends many hours at the computer working on his business; Owen and Brandon will take breaks from play time and stop to see what Daddy’s doing.  This particular day Brandon was especailly interested and needed to sit on Daddy’s lap and “help”.  As you can see Brandon has watched Daddy at work many times […]

Happy Birthday

It’s a little late, but Happy Birthday Aunty Claudette.  Aunty’s choice for her birthday was chicken fajitas and rice.  Uncle Phil did an outstanding job cooking the chicken — this means Uncle Phil MUST always have dinner with us when it’s chicken fajitas.  After dinner, came the surprise birthday cake — Aunty was touched by […]

Baking and Decorating a birthday cake

This year Owen and Brandon have both really caught on to the excitement of birthday’s.  So for Aunty Claudette’s birthday (October 29th), I thought it might be fun for the boys to help bake and decorate a birthday cake for her, plus I knew she would think that was pretty special.  Over a couple evenings […]