Our pup doesn’t get a much blog time as he really should.  So he’s got a little more energy than most and so he sheds like crazy but he is wonderfully loyal and wonderfully cuddly. Kosmo with his new Christmas toys – a stuffed penguin that has lasted longer than expected and his FOREVER favorite his […]

Merry Christmas…2010

Merry Christmas! We were especially lucky this year to have Uncle Derek, Aunty Colette, Zoe and Isaac here in Edmonton with us and Aunty Jodi staying at our home over the Christmas holidays. We were surrounded with family all through the holidays and while at times it was a little chaotic, a little busy, it […]

Christmas tree decorating

At about the end of November we started with the Christmas Tree decorating….there is Grandma K’s house, Aunty Claudette and Uncle Phil’s house, Grandma and Grandpa H’s house and then finally our house.  All these houses need Christmas trees and decorating and who better to help out then Owen and Brandon! This was the first tree, […]