Lazy days at home

We had a quiet weekend a few weeks ago; it was nice for all of us, no plans, no where to go, just a chance to stay home and relax.  Owen and Brandon went from one thing to the next and played really well together.  First there was lego building.  Building towers and tunnels and bumpy roads.

Then it was on to seeing what each toy was capable of withstanding…could you twist it this way or twist it that way without it breaking.  This is one game that Mom cringes with all the time.

Then it was dress up time, fire man first, then train conductor, police man and cowboy.

As you will notice, Brandon will stop and allow pictures to be taken, but Owen is a little more annoyed by the camera.  Although we did get a chance to take a really nice one – Owen took a break from the Toy Story gang and say, Okay mine turn.

Even Kosmo had a relaxing day with us.