The Easter Egg Hunt

The Easter Bunny, the Easter Bunny….we woke up Easter Sunday morning and when we headed downstairs, why there were little Easter eggs hidden all over the house. They were in the bathroom (what!? the Easter bunny took a break in the bathroom), in our shoes, in our toys and in the kitchen! Owen loved hunting […]

Potty Training

So I have come to a fork in the road, potty training.  For the better part of the past 12 months Sean and I have worked at potty training with Owen.  Stumbling along the way, trying this and then that, changing expressions, tone and words and googling, googling, googling for advice, tips, anything.  By the […]

Young Yoga’s

Curious little boys will find everything, no matter where you put it in the house.  Recently Sean and I have been exercising in the evenings, once the boys are tucked into bed.  One of our favorites has been Yoga and with yoga, the mat and blocks are very helpful.  So one day Owen and Brandon were […]

That frown

Brandon has this frown that he uses for everything from being upset — That’s not fair — to asking questions – But why? – to doing it to make us laugh! He always gets a grin out of us when we see that frown, no matter the situation!


I have a collection of pictures of Owen and Brandon that I feel are just too nice, not to share with everyone.  Of course as the mom I am very biased. Owen has quite the laugh; he can diffuse a situation with a grin and look in his eye. Brandon is our cuddle monkey; he […]