May…part 2

Owen’s birthday party theme this year was pirates.  It may have started out with the boys discovering the Disney movie Peter Pan and the weekly Disney Channel tv show, Jake and the Neverland Pirates but let’s be honest…swords, eye patches, gold coins and being able to say….arrrrgh – that has to be why it is […]

General Silly-ness

Because I have two boys (well three if you count my husband), I have been told too many times that with boys come silly-ness most of the time and that I really need to learn to relax and let it happen….cause it’s going to happen whether I stress out or not over it.  So….I think […]


The boys have experienced and thoroughly enjoyed sleepovers at Aunty Claduette’s lately – when’s the next one?! Now the boys want to do sleepovers…in each other’s rooms.  Being a total “mom”, the rule is sleepovers can happen on Friday or Saturday nights.  Owen and Brandon absolutely love the idea of sleeping in each other’s rooms for […]