Owen growing up

Fisher Price has a brand of toy out for ages 3-6 (I think), called Imaginext. It is really cool stuff and has all the themes that a boy would like — fire house, spaceship, pirate ship, Batman’s bat cave. For Christmas Owen got the spaceship and Brandon got the fire house. They love playing with […]

More crafts

One weekend, Daddy did paper bag monsters and masks with Owen and Brandon. That was a real hit, they were so excited to show anyone who walked in the door and they played together with them for days aftewards. And I’ll tell you a secret, Daddy is going to build a craft table for Owen […]

Craft time

Owen and Brandon love crafts, love coloring and being creative. I will admit we don’t do it enough these days with them, the craft stuff is put away out of sight and we often forget about it until it’s too late in the night or right before nap time. At daycare they had a craft […]


Daddy is still the favorite at bed time, although Owen and Brandon are a little more willing to let Mommy read and tuck them in. After All, Daddy can pick them both up, in each arm, and carry them up the stairs to Mommy and Daddy’s bed for story time. And Daddy does it as […]


Now if this isn’t the best picture of Owen and Brandon yet!!  It was a fluke that we got the shot on the first click.  We convinced Owen and Brandon to sit together and smile at the camera for Daddy and the surprising thing for Sean and I, was that we got the great shot! Owen […]