Snuggling with GG

Owen and Brandon love their GG (great-grandma) and are so lucky to see her so often.  As I have already commented in past posts how wonderful it is for them to have a Great-Grandma living so close to them I won’t go into it again here…but I will add some more pictures of the boys […]

Brandon’s 2nd birthday party

The Saturday after Brandon’s birthday, we held a birthday party for him.  All his friends and family came….Brandon loves everything trains these days, so we did a Thomas the Train themed birthday. Brandon and Owen were very excited that it was FINALLY Brandon’s birthday party.  We had been talking about it for some time and the weeks […]

Brandon’s 2nd birthday with family

Brandon is now two years old…love that mischievous smile! The poor guy had really really bad diaper rash the day of his birthday…but you’d never know it from the pictures!  We decided for his actual birthday we would have it at Aunty Claudette’s house.  Owen and Brandon always want to play at Aunty’s house, so […]

Loving the camera

Korsan Studios is doing very well but of course, Sean is always looking to take pictures.  As of late, Owen and Brandon have been very interested in “helping” Daddy with pictures.  Since the studio is always set up, when Dad ventures down to take pictures, Owen and Brandon are not far behind willing to be photographed.  They let Daddy take […]