Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day to everyone! Our plan was to spend the morning with Aunty Claudette and our wonderful neighbours and visit the Devonian Botanical Gardens and celebrate Canada’s birthday but to our dismay the clouds came out and even before we stepped out of the house…correction…Tim Horton’s, the rain started to come. First it was […]

Family, Turkey, Superhero’s, Birthday cake and more…

Life got a little crazy, again, and now that things have calmed down a bit and I’ve had time to survey things around me, I realize my poor wonderful blog has been sitting by the way side for much too long. Sorry guys! The month of October was filled with fun holidays, birthday’s and some […]

Prairie Gardens

Another cool spot I discovered through my wonderful Alberta magazine was Prairie Gardens. It is this wonderful farm with u-pick gardens, a row of haunted houses, pirate’s digging for treasures, play areas and fire pits. I am not much of the camping sort, so Aunty Claudette and I thought that roasting hot dogs and marshmallows […]