The first garden

I am so proud of my little garden, it’s my first ever attempt and I am so proud of how well it grew. I think the extra rain we had this spring and summer helped it along.

My peas are HUGE, they grew past my stakes and netting (note for next year) and produced bowl after bowl of peas each week.

My broccoli plant produced a wonderful head of broccoli, unfortunately I have to admit that I left it to grow and it became a flower (note for next year).

My carrots are still growing and I should be able to pull them soon. My seasoned gardening grandma’s keep telling me, that the carrots are more of a fall veggie to enjoy. My three small rows of lettuce have already produced two weeks of yummy, tasty salads for me.  The tomato plants are producing lots and lots of small red tomatoes. Owen and Brandon love picking the red ones off — but leaving the yellow and green ones — and then eating them right away.

And finally, my sunflowers have finally bloomed. I have watched them grow taller and taller and on my many walks with Kosmo I’ve seen everyone else with these wonderful yellow sunflowers. Finally I am the proud owner of beautiful yellow sunflowers!

This was so much fun, looking forward to improving next spring!