Happy 3rd Birthday Brandon!

Wow, I am 3 yrs old today. I weigh 38.80 lbs and I am 39.25 inches tall.  I am wearing 4T tops and 3T / 4T bottoms (depending on the store).  I wear a size 10 shoe and have worn through more shoes than Mommy expected in the past year.  I am still needing my afternoon naps and they are still just as long as last year.  I am a little more stubborn when it comes to admitting I am tired but once I give in, I am out in a snap!  I sleep with my blue teddy (Mommy’s blue Cholly doll) and like the hallway light on.

My eating habits have changed but am more willing to try new foods than my big brother Owen.  While I will eat most anything, I am particular about how I eat it.  Pasta MUST have parmesan cheese but no sauce.  My eggs MUST be on my toast (just like Mommy does), not beside it and there has to ALWAYS be milk on my cereal.  Some of my favorite foods are — pasta of any kind, meatballs, strawberries and raspberries (because I can put them on my fingers), cucumber and tomatoes, carrots and broccoli (but only when cooked in a stir fry).  Then there is my favorite flavor – vanilla — I like vanilla yogurt, cake and ice cream (just like Daddy).  I think my favorite meal would be a toss up between hot Kraft Dinner and train (or now dinosaurs) ham sandwiches.

I am struggling to be independent and many times I get frustrated that I can’t keep up with my big brother.  I can eat my meals on my own, but I love when Mommy and Daddy (and sucker Grandma) help me.  I like to pick out my clothes and try to dress myself, but sometimes I am in such a rush I get so frustrated and then I tell Mom and Dad – it just doesn’t fit!  I go to daycare with my big brother; we are in different rooms but get to play together a lot during the day.  I have so many friends and love all the activities we do all day – swimming, music, baking, counting, library time, gymnasium time and nature walks.  There are some weekends when I tell Mommy and Daddy that I miss my daycare friends.

I am working hard to use my words and express my feelings and wants through words instead of crying, screaming, hitting or throwing things.  I love Curious George and one of my favorite books is Curious George and the Chocolate Factory.  When Curious George eats too many chocolates and gets a tummy ache, I get really upset and feel very sad for George.  My favorite Curious George show is when he goes to the movie theatre.

My words are getting easier to understand, I string together sentences like a pro.  I am into the why phase – I ask why about everything I see and then ask why after Mommy or Daddy give me an explanation.

Potty Time has been one of my biggest accomplishments this year. I have moved from pull-ups to underwear and am learning to tell when I have to go potty and to go on my own.  Mom and Dad were potty training Owen earlier this year and I was really interested and wanted to be just like my big brother, so Mom and Dad let me try the potty thing too.  I am doing so well with it, that I know I am a big boy!

I am still doing gymnastics and have moved from Parent and Tot to Kindergym (doing gymnastics all on my own).  It’s exciting to do it on my own but a little scary too – so Mom or Dad or Aunty stay close by.  Now that I am 3 yrs old, I can do my swimming lessons at the daycare. I love to swim and splash!  Next month Owen and I will start skating lessons – we are very excited about it, Mom and Dad took us skating a few times this spring and summer and we really liked it.

My new likes are Superhero’s (Spider-man, Batman and Thor), Bob the Builder and Tonka, Elmo and pirates.  Of course I still like Cars, Toy Story (Buzz Lightyear and Woody), Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse. I also love anything to do with trucks, tools, building or fixing things, listening (and singing and dancing) to music.  I really really love pretend play – dressing up as a cowboy, fireman, policeman, doctor or cooking in the kitchen or building forts to keep the monsters and ninjas away.

My birthday party will be Tonka / Bob the Builder with a bouncy house at my Aunty’s this year.

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